Location, Location, Location: Where, Precisely, are the Three Pyramids of Giza?

Those wishing to study the monuments at Giza may be surprised to find out that there are few readily available maps fixing the locations of its three major pyramids to an accuracy of better than a meter. Flinders Petrie, in his landmark 1880-1881 study, did record the locations of all three pyramids, but unfortunately he used a coordinate system so arcane that it is difficult to work with today. In this paper, I convert Petrie’s data into a modern coordinate system and combine his data with more recent survey data to produce a map which locates the pyramids of Giza with sub meter accuracy.

 The locations of the pyramids of Giza on the Giza Plateau Mapping Project grid.  Locations were derived by Glen Dash. Scale in meters.

The new data can be used to, among other things, test pyramid theories.  One theory, for example, states that a line drawn from the southeast corner of the Khafre pyramid through the southeast corner of the Great Pyramid points directly at the temple in Heliopolis.  In fact, it does.  In another blog post, I will discuss the implications of that, and some other things the new data reveal.

About the author:  Glen Dash has been surveying in Egypt for more than fifteen years. He directs the Glen Dash Foundation for Archaeological Research.  You can read more about his work at http://www.DashFoundation.org.

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