TV Tennis In MIT Lab


The six MIT students responsible for TV Tennis

TV Tennis brochure


Brochure for TV Tennis

Executive Games Face Off


Glen Dash and Kenneth Launie play an early prototype of “Face Off”

Glen Dash with Videocube


Glen Dash holds a “Videocube,” an early device for interfacing an electronic game with a TV

Mattel Intellivision


The Mattel Intellivision (photo courtesy

MIT Tri Vi 3D Display


John Goodhue and Prof. David Jannson make final adjustments to the “Tri Vi” volumetric 3D display

Compliance Design Roberts Antennas


The Roberts Antennas

Ira Barry testing


Ira Barry performs EMC testing at Dash, Straus and Goodhue

Compliance Design Biconical Antennas


Biconical antennas marketed by Compliance Design

Compliance Design ESD Simulator


An ESD Simulator

Compliance Design Part 68 Workstation


The Part 68 Workstation marketed by Compliance Design

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